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Dynamic Dashboard Data not constraining...

hi folks, i have a dynamic dashboard that runs as the logged in user.


i have a master detail relationship between two object. 


Master -> Hotel

Detail -> Room Count


when i run the report as an admin, all records are counted in the reports as they should be regardless of who owns the master hotel records. however, when i run as a logged in user who owns only one hotel record, the reports that are running are still returning all records in the counts and in the reports. i need it to return only records/data on the report and dashboard for records that are owned by the logged in user (unless admin user is running the report). 


any ideas?








In report filter you will get option of choosing My records or All records. For example if reports is on Accounts object in filters you will get option: My Accounts, All accounts. So if you will make this choice while creating the report, you will get the results as per the filetr in reports/dashboards.