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How to cover 100% in my test class?

How to cover 100% coverage for below test class.

It has covered 88% now.
Below lines didn't cover in my test class.Please help to cover this.

Uncovered Lines:
if (success) {
return pr;

My class:

public class password {
public String username {get; set;}

public password() {}

public PageReference forgotPassword() {
boolean success = Site.forgotPassword(username);
PageReference pr = Page.ForgotPasswordConfirm;

if (success) {
return pr;
return null;

public static testMethod void testpassword() {
password controller = new password();
controller.username = 'test@gmail.com';


Hi James, 


Code coverage means the test class should parse through every line in the Class. 

Usually we have to write different test records - one to pass and other one to fail. So that both the If and Else are executed. 

We also use the assert methods to verify the ex[ected results. 


Method Add 

var (2,2) result 4 

System.assert  (result = 4 ) [assertion succeeds]

var (2,2) result 0

System.assertnot equals (result=4) [assertion fails]