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Weekly data on dashboard

Hi All,


I want to display weelky data of  open opportunities on a dashboard for the whole year. I have weekly data in a excel sheet. It should look like this.


1/1/2013         19000      (MM-DD-YYYY format)

1/8/2013         20000

1/15/2013       10000

1/22/2013        9000


How can this be done? I don't have weekly data stored in salesforce as value of total open opportunities keep changing.





Hello Alok,


First import this data in salesforce, while importing map the fields to respective fields. If fields are already not there for mapping then create custom fields, map the fields and import.


Now create a custom report type on object Opportunity and in this report type include the fields you imported. Create report on this report type and choose the filter for one year and group by the date field and create a dashboard on this report.