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Facing trouble in integrating the force.com with ECLIPSE

Am new to Sales force,

trying to do apex coding from Eclipse, I installed the force.com plug on eclipse, then imported the project
followed these steps

Step 1
Project --> Force.com --> then provided my User Id, Pwd and Token. --> It successfully installed the Projects from my Force.com Platform.

Step 2 --> here is the issue
now am trying to edit the triggers which installed on my Eclipse. I can see that its not saving in the force.com platform.

Step 3-->
In eclipse, Right clicked on the project --> Force.com-->clicked on Work Online....its throwing an error
Force.com Online Nature Error

Unable to apply force.com Online Nature

Invalid username, Password, Security token or user locked out

Double check your Connection settings. You may adjust the settings and re-sync on the Force.com project properties page


Which version of java are you using ? If you have jdk 1.7 then uninstall it and get jdk 1.6. It worked for me.


Thanks Utsav for getting back,


I tried using the JAVA 1.6. But still its not working.


Am using following version of Eclipse


Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Indigo Service Release 2
Build id: 20120216-1857


is that something i should install any other version of eclipse?





Please check like this.


Try to create a new project of Force.com in the Eclipse, create visual force page. revert back are you successfull with this?


Then I can tell you the solution..


I tried as per your suggesition. It throwed an error message. 


Error message


Unable to check Visualforce page Permissions:


Invalid Username, Passowrd, Security token; or user locked out