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Project structure


Hello ,


I have a something brainstorm requirement.

I need a complete picture of my project as for e.g , how many profiles , buttons , record types and which button on which page layout , almost every information in simple manner. Because every time I do waste lot of time to get an information for e.g on which all page layout the button 'Lost deal ' is available

I check my all 50 page layout ans thus waste my time.

Can I somehow automate an process that when ever new thing added , it should update my excel sheet contain all the information


is anything available in salesforce or do I need to make a project on this , Please guide me





Hi pupilstuff,
what you could do is to extract your meta-data using eclipse and find where in the project all "Lost Deal" string has appeared.
This functionality is available using CTRL+"H" in eclipse.
You could search only in the layouts using the scope: "*.layout"

I hope it helps,


Dear Roy,


Thanks for your reply but actually my requirement is something bigger.I just want to have an handy excel sheet or any application which provides me the complete structure of my project.

if anything added in my project , the application should be updated automatically