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Editing Accounts & Opps using Salesforce Sites

I know that you can't edit accounts & opportunities using Salesforce Sites but is there a way of using visualforce for public internet users to use that doesn't require a login but allows you to edit accounts and opps? Essentially partner portal without the login and just using visualforce.. is there any salesforce product that allows this?



I do believe that you can set up a website and use the Salesforce API to transfer data between the website and Salesforce.  That isn't my particular specialty but we have developers that do this kind of stuff so I can't answer to the particulars.





Yes your right you can do it that way but it takes longer than doing it in VisualForce as you have all the proper error handling and displaying, also if someone (eg) tries to delete or rename a field it wouldn't let them if its being used in apex/visualForce code but using the API it will allow them to delete it and potentially break your API calls. Hence its generally better to use VisualForce. But if so we will have to build it externally and use the API but its not something I really want to do as its another environment to maintain.