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Export data for system date time fields(Created Date/Last Modified date) using Data Loader



We are trying to export data from one of our production org which includes system date time fields (Created Date/Last Modified date) using data loader UI.


As dateTime field values are stored as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in salesfoce.com, when we are exporting data, exported data is returning values in UTC. We want to have data in our current organization Default Time Zone which is (GMT+10:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Sydney).


It will be really helpful for us, if there are ways to do this and export the data in local time zone of our organization.


Thanks in advance



Amit Mishra


You can't do this, as there's no provision for that in the Apex Data Loader. You have to translate it post-export. You can use Excel or MySQL (or any database program at all, for that matter) to perform the translation.