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Best way to notify Accounting

When an opportunity hits a certain stage, we want the opportunity owner to be able to notify our Accounting department. The Accounting dept would then review the Opportunity and approve it or not. If they do not approve it, a dialog between the Owner and Accounting will ensue. We want to capture this dialog.


What is the best Salesforce mechanism to implement this requirement; hopefully involving the least amount of customization/development?


I tried Create an Open Activity, but that does not generate an email. I tried "Send an Email" under "Activity History" but that creates a "Task" with a status of "Complete". I suppose after sending the Email, the Owner could Edit the Task and set the status to "In Process", but that seems rather awkward.



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I would suggest an approval process. Once the Opportunity reaches the desired Stage, you would instruct your users to click the Submit For Approval button. You could additionally add a couple of fields to the record to indicate whether it was approved, and add a validation rule to ensure that the Stage (or Probability) does not exceed a certain level unless those fields are filled in. Obviously, these fields are read-only from the user's perspective and are filled in as the last step of an approval.


For both approvals and rejections, the user can enter a comment explaining, and the approval itself can be re-assigned as needed. Obviously, you have to assign the request for approval to one person, but you can set up delegated approvers within the department to handle the situation where someone is out of town.


This is all 100% configuration, no coding needed. If on the other hand you want something fancier, this is a fairly straightforward Apex approval process.


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