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I have developed a HR application for recruiting staff into my organization, I want applicants to apply for a manager position, but before applicants can have access to my site and apply for this position, they would have to be authenticated.


Hence I have assosiated a portal with my site to invite public users into an authenticated environment in order to track the personal information about all applicants that apply for this position.


The challenge is that after we consider their qualifications and make our selection on who has been appointed the Manager Position.


we have to change the profile of the newly appointed manager from the Applicant Manager Position Profile (a clone of the Customer Portal Manager Custom Profile)  to a MANAGER profile.


When I go to Setup -->Administration Setup --> Manager Users --> Users -->Click on Edit (on that particular User)

I notice that the profile field is not giving me the option of changine the profile from the Applicant Manager Position Profile to MANAGER Profile.


Pls who can advise me on how to go about this???