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How to generate apex code from a WSDL document?

Hi Friends,

At present, i am working on Salesforce Integration from SAP to SFDC.

I have worked on the concepts of generate WSDL from Apex code and used SOAP API to check the WSDL File. Now, i want to know how to generte apex code from the given WSDL file.

We get the WSDL file from Client team, based on that, we have to develop the Apex code in SFDC.

Is there any necessary pre-requisite steps are there.

Please give me solution for this.

Thanks in advance.




Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram



generate a wsdl file from


setup -> Api -> partner Wsdl (any)


setup -> apex classes -> click on generate from wsdl button ( then follow the instructions)


if you get a wsdl file from the client team, to consume that wsdl place it one of your location like static resource and utilise the fields and methods provided in the wsdl in your apex coding