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Help with Java Cron Question



Currently i'm working on a web service which incorporates java to conduct a nightly cron job of transferring records from another database into salesforce. I've installed a local instance of apache tomcat on my windows machine. I've been creating cron jobs using the Cron4J library and they're running great on my practice machine, even start back up when the server gets shut down. Im kind of a newb to java and i'm doing my best to do all my homework on my own and get up to speed the best i can.


My question is this: How does one find out all of the outstanding cron jobs that are scheduled to run, and when they're scheduled to run? I'm trying to build a web interface similar to the one in Salesforce Apex Scheduled Jobs, where it shows which jobs have run, and when they're scheduled to run next. 


Now there may be cron jobs scheduled through the native java.util.timer library and some scheduled through the cron4J. This brings up a couple more questions:


A.) Are these using different methods to schedule jobs.

B.) Is there a way to find out what's scheduled regardless of what library they used for getting scheduled?


Thank you so much for you help.


looks like your question is more around cronj. I suggest you post to Stack Overflow for a broader audience.