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how to get No of Users Count for a particular User Account

I want to get Count value for a particular account allowed Users in Sales Force.


Pls Let me the know any Java API for the above value to be accessed.


As in Company Information for a particular User, has User License list which display maximum allowed user's for a particular Account.


I need the Count value in particular account.

pls help me in this regard,,,


Hi Badari,


The allowed user depends on the ORG user license, not for a specific user / user account.


SFDC don't has any API method that exposes the number  of License for any ORG till latest API version.


You can do it in another way by counting Active User of that license type .

As per example , Say you  have N no of Salesforce.com user license for the ORG , and by an SOQL in the user object you come to know that you already have M no of active Salesforce.com user , then you can create  (N - M ) no of more user there , N is kind of constant and it changes once you contact your SFDC account manager ask for more subscription.


Thanks and Regards,

Dinesh Nasipuri