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An unhandled exception of type System.Net.WebException occurred

This code has been working for some time.

Dim mySFDataAdapter As New SforceDataAdapter(getSFUser, SFConnectString)
Dim mySFDataSet As New DataSet
Dim myRecordCount As Integer = mySFDataAdapter.Fill(mySFDataSet)

Today the Fill method is throwing this exception and failing...

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Net.WebException' occurred in system.data.dll

Additional information: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS.

I have verified with our network team port 443 is not blocked. What is causing this exception?

I have the same exact error from .NET I have opened a case and have not heard back as of yet. They must have changed somrthing or are having problems with their API servers.
Lots of people are experiencing errors. There is a post on the "General Development" board from today. The reply from SF is:


status.salesforce.com says

January 30, 2006 | 12:15 PM PST

The web application portion of the NA1 service (tabs, search, reports etc) is up and processing normally. The api portion is unavailable and will remain so until at least 1:00 pm PST while we continue to resolve an underlying database issue. While the api is unavailable the Outlook Edition products are also unavailable and the Offline Edition is unable to perform data synchronization. We continue to focus on fully restoring the api to service.
Read the Sforce blog at http://blog.sforce.com/

Thanks for post ECCLisa...I just recvd the same email from support just minutes ago. I was beginning to think I had gone nutz!! Well, honestly I am nutz anyway...so never mind.
I spoke with our saleperson and he also confirmed there is an issue at SFDC preventing the API from working until later this afternoon. I'm going to rewite the code to catch exceptions at this point so it will report when this happens again...

Thanks for all the help.

Good idea! Now's the time to write all that fun error handling code! :(