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Auto login to Self Service Portal

I have an intranet site that uses domain authentication.
I have set all my self service portal users to the same password, and want to allow them to be auto logged in through the intranet.
Currently, this is done by redirecting the user to:
Now this works, but i hate passing in the password as clear text.
Is there another way around this?
I see the sforce Explorer passes an sid in the Url, i wanted to try this but am not sure how to retrieve a Self Service User session,
only a normal login session
Thanks In Advance

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Its not clear text because you're using SSL.

If you're worried about the un/pwd being on the URL, and in the browser history, then rather than doing a HTTP redirect, you can have the request generate a page with a form that auto submits.

There's no programatic way today to get a sessionId for a self service user. (This is in the pipeline though)