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SSL with Salesforce SOAP API


I got a requirement to build a .NET client to query data from Salesforce.com. SSL is preferred for this.


I have experience with SSL when making callouts from Salesforce, which can be managed using the 'Certificate and Key Management' under Salesforce setup.


But if SSL needs to be used with Salesforce as a web service provider, how do we do it? Does it mean it can be used instead of the username/password authentication? Or would I still have to use username/password authentication with SSL?


Thanks in advance,



Don't use client certificates

You can use username/password for authentication, or better : any oAuth flow

If it is a server-to-salesforce interface, using a refresh token (oAuth) to get an access token could make it

You can also delegate authentication, with delegated auth. you can provide a token instead of a password

You can enable SSO too, and have an idp initiated login to access Salesforce

If you want to increase security, you can still filter on IPs


All the above solutions leverage SSL (HTTPS access from your app to Salesforce)


Thanks for the options. I will discuss with the client and update the result here.

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