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Annoucing the sforce Toolkit for Office & VB Public Beta

It�s here! Announcing the first public beta of the new sforce Toolkit for Office & VB. This COM control provides full access to the sforce Web service API from within VB 6, Office, ASP and other non-.NET Windows platforms.

To install the beta:

Un-install Office Edition via the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
Log into salesforce.com. Go to Setup->Office Edition->Install Office Edition, and click Install Now.

Samples and Doc:

The attached Excel spreadsheet provides some quick (and dirty) examples of how to use the Office Toolkit from within VBA; code of other VB languages should be similar.

Additional documentation and samples will be available on release; for now, please provide feedback here, and let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Guys,

I am getting VB compile error: User Type not defined on the following declare line.

Dim objects As New Dictionary

I downloaded the latest Officetoolkit from your site and I reset the reference to the Toolkit 1.0.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.






I think you have two problems ... both not directly related to the toolkit.

First, the syntax to create a dictionary object is in two pieces:

       Dim objects As Scripting.Dictionary
       Set objects = New Scripting.Dictionary

The first declares the variable, the second instantiates it.

Second, the Dictionary facility is part of the Windows Script Host - which is implemented by the file SCRRUN.DLL. Before you can use dictionaries, you need to create a reference to the dll in your project. For example, within the Excel Visual Basic Editor,

    > If it's not already open, open the project explorer,
    > highlight your project - your xls file
    > access Tools/References
    > find "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" in the list and make sure it is checked.

If you don't have the scripting runtime in your references list, then you may need to install it. You can do this from http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting.


Thx Scot!!!

Any of you know why I am getting a Windows Warning Dialog Box with the message " Ready to Update Salesforce.com" when I open up an excel spreadsheet on my machine? The dialog box has choices of Ok and Cancel.