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How to automatically login to the Office Edition Excel Add-in


I am trying to create an Excel file that will automatically refresh a report using the Excel addin command.  My problem is that even though I can call the LogIn sub in the addin, I can't seem to figure out how to get around typing in username and password in the dialog box.

Is there a way to login to the add-in via VBA code rather than just calling the login sub and having to still type in the username and password?



PS - I've already seen the other posts on this message board about automatically refreshing reports but they don't address passing username and password programmatically.



I'd swear that I'd done this before, but was unable to find an Excel file with an example.
I took another look at the sfdc add-in, and was unable to find a method for doing this.

I'll try looking again later, but for the moment I'm stumped.