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Salesforce.com Administrator/Programmer in NYC Area (CNET Channel)

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Job Description:
The primary responsibility of the Salesforce.com Administrator is the ongoing daily support CNET Channel's CRM system, Salesforce.com. This system is used by field sales, technical consultants, technical support, customer support, marketing and executive staff. It is currently integrated with Oracle Suite Financials, and it is our short-term goal to integrate it with some proprietary in-house production systems. New interfaces and functionality continue to be added to Salesforce.com and this role is responsible for that ongoing implementation. A keen sense of business process understanding and deep understanding of implementing change are highly desirable. The responsibilities of the role will extend from requirements gathering to implementation, training, maintenance and support of all 100+ internal users.

The Salesforce.com Administrator will report to the VP of Technology in New York, and will work closely with the following departments: North American, European and Asia Pacific Sales, Product Marketing, IT and Engineering, and Customer Service and Technical Support.

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Can you call me at 214-695-9059 or email me your email address

Larry Humphreys




Do you need someone who is located in NYC or would you consider someone located elsewhere? I have worked in a similar position as salesforce.com administrator for two publicly traded companies and am interested in working as a contracted administrator. You can contact me at quincin@aol.com.


Please forward complete job description to dlam0718@gmail.com.