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Peter YaoPeter Yao 

Salary Requirements

I'm curious, what is the salary range for a CRM administrator who will do some custom application work (custom objects, maybe some s-controls) as well as importing contacts, deduping, creating users, etc.

John BurnsJohn Burns

I guess this very much depends on your market niche, and of the level of work the CRM Administrator may be undertaking.

Here in the UK, depending on the above, this can range from a base salary of £20k for graduates and inexperienced Administrators (maybe even less in some smaller companies), anywhere up to £45k and beyond for vastly experienced Administrators with additional configuration and consulting experience.

Does that help...?
Peter YaoPeter Yao
Thanks John. Having metropolitan US comparisons helps the most, but I appreciate the input!
Were you able to find any information about the salary for a SFDC Administrator?  I saw a job posting for the San Fran, CA area for a Jr. Administrator for 65,000.  But I was wondering myself, I've just taken the training and starting to work as a Jr. Administrator in TN.
NYC Metro Area has a range of $50K - $75K. The lowest end of the range is for 1 year experience using salesforce.com or similar CRM app.
michele pmichele p
I am also curious about salary for SF.com admin… do you know of the range in the Seattle area?
Hi All,
I've seen this question come up and have the same interest in seeing what Admins can expect or organizations can expect to pay when hiring.
I put together a survey.  Feel free to participate, it is anonymous, and I'll try to post updated results each month.
Chris PorrecaChris Porreca
I have been wondering the same, what kind of training should one pursue to make their SF resume stronger? I have learned everything I know through exploration and the use of the great community we have, and feel that my knowledge of SF is considerable, but at the same time I feel I'm missing any 'certification' per se.


PS. Skappler do you have the updated results of the survey?
I have been wondering the same, what kind of training should one pursue to make their SF resume stronger?
I have a partner certification, four years experience in salesforce, and it hasn't done anything to help out my resume in the Washington DC area. :( 
Not to be glib, but I think the answer is: is anybody telling you your resume is weak?  If so, ask what kind of experience are they looking for?

If you're just not getting jobs, I'd go and ask the people who are rejecting you.  After all, it's probably not a *personal* statement when they hire someone else, just a statement that someone else fit their needs better.  If you can remove ego from it, than having those conversations could be very helpful.

Best of luck, Steve.
No harm!  The market just isn't here in DC for what I'm looking for, which generally means what you think you should get paid is kind of null and void. :)
- Stephanie
I hear gardening is good, hairdressing also!  :-)  (You know, things that just keep growing!)

Sorry to hear about the slump... but best of luck, Steve.

Our company is looking for Business analysts and Project managers. The salary range that we offer is in direct proportion to the level of experience and knowledge of SF.
CRM Advantage, LLC


I'm sure that I am not the only one that would love to see the results of that survey...

I have been seeing SF Admin Jobs range from 60-90k in the Denver area.