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Aneesha K SAneesha K S 

Calender Events getting deleted

Some of the users of my org,using salesforce for outlook, have came up saying that their calender events are getting deleted on its own. I checked for any triggers/classes that deletes the events but could not find any. 


I checked the recycle bin and found that many events deleted by users as well as by an Integration user. The user says that they did not delete it. Please help me here.


Is the integration user an API only user or a human?  My first take on looking at your post is that if the integration user -- which is typically API only -- deleted the records, you should look at that integration.  But I might be misreading you.

did you ever get a solution for this?  I am finding myself running into the same issues...I have 3 users that have gotten their calendars deleted and they are definitely not an integrated user
Bidyut Ghatak 1Bidyut Ghatak 1
Have you got the solution yet? I am having same problem.