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Need Help with Work flow Email Alert

I am fairly new to Salesforce & this is my 1st Email Alert with Work flow rule.

I did the following steps & the workflow rule fires & if I have a field update, it woks, but does not send email alert.

Please let me know what I am missing & why the email alert is not sending.


1. Created new Email Template in 'Work Flow Templates' folder with some field merges - using custom object fields in Subject & body. It is made 'Available for Use'

2. Created new workflow with a rule checking for ISCHANGED( Status__c ) of a custom object

3. Added new Email Alert - defined from email address, recipietns, choose the email Template created above

4. Activated the work flow.


If I add another test field update to the same workflow, the field update works. But still the email alert is not sent.

I have read the salesforce documentation on creating Email Alert & managing them. I dont seem to miss any steps.


Thanks in Advance!


Jeff MayJeff May

Are you working in a Sandbox?  If so, double check Admin Setup->Email Administration->Deliverability to make sure email is enabled.  Second, double check the email addresses of the people in your 'recipient' list.  In Sandboxes, email addresses are automatically changed by adding the sandbox name at the end (to protect real users from test-type emails).