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Sum of Amount if Won

I'm trying to add a formula to an opportunity report that calculates the sum of the amount if the  opportunity was won (ie Stage is Closed Won). I've tried it several ways but keep getting errors. Can someone please make a basic formula suggestion?


Stupid question: Doesn't Opportunity.Amount already contain that info?

I'm not sure if you are referring to a field or a report... But to clarify I am building an opportunity report that has several formulas that are being used for info in a dashboard table that is going on the homepage. One of the columns is going to show the opportunity owner names, the next the person's weighted pipeline (similar to open pipeline but based on the probability of closing), and the third will show the amount that that person has won already year to date. The year to date part isn't important because i am setting that up as a constraint in the filtering of the report. So I need a formula that will calculate the total amount ($$) that each opportunity owner has won. Right now when I add # Won to the report and change the field to currency it simply tells me the number of opportunities won not the actual amount (so 12 opps won is $12). I want a formula that would basically read if stage is "Closed Won" then Amount:SUM. Thoughts?
Alex NayAlex Nay
Hi Ahassler!

Were you able to resolve this? I'm facing the same problem right now. Share some light if you figured it out.