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home page component URL issue

I am trying to place a URL in Home page component.  my URL has a '&'  symbol in it. this URL is from external system trying to show  in home page as iframe.


for ex if my url is " http://biwfclt01dev.corptest.com/ibi_apps/WFServlet?&IBIAPP_app=acs_reporting&IBIF_ex=sfdc_am&IBIMR_proc=is_sfdc_am_db " like this after placing URL in iframe it is changing '&' value to "amp;" so its directing to different page.


Any suggestions greatly appriciated.

Cloud CredenceCloud Credence



Please try replacing the characters that are causing problems with their HTML equivalent key word.


e.g & shall be replaced with &


 Best Wishes


Thanks for your reply..


when i change the URL  from & to & , i am getting  below error.

WebFOCUS was called with an invalid request. 



Ami AssayagAmi Assayag

This may not be the problem, but I always forget to click the "Show HTML" checkbox on the top right of the page. When checked, code does not change.