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Salesforce to Salesforce - auto update of records in the sending org

I have set-up Salesforce to Salesforce (S2S) between two orgs. Everything was running correctly however, now we are having an issue with data updating on the sending org record automatically. This is what is happening:

The sending org shares a record (Quote - custom object). The receiving org uses an autonumber for the Record name. This does not get sent back to the sending org unless someone manually goes in to the quote record (on the receiving org), clicks on edit (makes no changes) and saves the record. This then updates the quote record in the sending org.

I do have workflow rules running that update the record on create, but SFDC does not recognize this as the record being updated.



Are you sure this was working before ?
I mean what's the 'Name' field in the object on Sending side ? Both are auto-number ?