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Change lookup field to readonly



 There is a custom field called Deal Registration in oppertunities which is a lookup field, My Requirement is to make the field to read only. Please suggest me how to make to readonly. 




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This can be done in many ways. Suppose you are only using standard page Layout then you can edit. Now drag the field you want to make readonly and pace it in the page layout. Now double click the field or click the screwdriver and from the popup window select the checkbox next to readonly. Now click on save. This would make this field ready only from the standard page Layout. However if you want to make this field readonly from all the interface for any or all the profiles then you need to go to field level security.
Setup -> Security Controls-> Field Accessibility -> now select the object which contains this field. Then click on View by Fields. Now select your field from the drop down. Next to the profile for which you want this field to be read only click on editable or hidden. From the next page under FIeld level security select 'Read only'. This should work.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


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