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Displaying summary values in the piechart in dashboards

I have a dashboard that has a pie chart as component and a matrix report as source report. This report contains the grand total of number of accounts and i would like to display this grand total just like displaying wedges in pie chart. How to display this in a bigger font in the dashboard componenet?



Please advise!!!


Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan
If I'm not mistaken, I dont think that there's a way to Highlight the Grand Total on the Pie Chart Separate.

I'd Advice looking into Visual Force Charting. The possibilities are endless Read More : http://goo.gl/VzUDU

If you dont want to code, could you share a sample picture of how your end data should look like and maybe we could figure out something

Hope it helps.

I have this sample pie chart here.







I would like to do three things here.
i) I would like to display the grand total and Average just as it displays the name of the wedges.
ii) I would also like to increase the font size and font styleof the numbers(record count i.e., the numbers 76,6,24,etc.,) displayed in this pie chart.

However, i do not have enough time to research and code now.

Is there any other ways to do this or any tool available for this?

Please advise!!!


Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan

To generate a Pie chart with Label on its wedges,

Goto Reports,
1) Select a Summary Report
2) Add a Grouping ( I tried with Accounts and Industry as the group)
3)Click Add Chart
The wedges are the Grouping , and Values are the Summary
you cannot have two Groupings being displayed in the same pie chart . 

4) Click on the Formatting Tab Click "Show Values" and if required on Hover also


This would show the wedges with values.


if any further customization is needed you might have to try VF charting or better yet Google Charts


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The pie chart is already showing the record count the summary values. But i would like to display the Grand total and average here and to increase the font size of the value it displays. When customizing the pie chart in the report it only has maximum font size of 18pt to display the summary values.