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Copy Custom setting data to refreshed Sandbox


Need help to understand best and easy way to copy custom setting data to newly refreshed sandbox.

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I usually export the custom setting data from production and import to the refreshed sandbox using data loader.


The Summer '13 release included an update that copies all custom setting data to all sandbox types.  See page 218 of the release notes:


Custom Settings Copied to All Sandbox Types
You asked for it! This enhancement is from an idea on the IdeaExchange.
Available in: Enterprise, Unlimited, and Database.com Editions
In this release, Custom Settings data is now copied to Developer and Configuration Only sandboxes. Previously, Custom
Settings data was only copied to Full sandboxes. For more information about what Custom Settings include, see “Custom
Settings Overview” in the Salesforce online help.


Two way : - 

1. Data Loader

2. Salesforce to Salesforce feature