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Should I use salesforce or just the mysql route?

Hi all, I have a question.

I work for a foundation and they want to store data in custom objects, then build a PHP application to call that data and manage it. I've done this before with chatter data, but the response times were, well, slow compared to MySQL database on localhost.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to use Salesforce, I would. But I can do it all from PHP and MySQL and have a little more customization available to me.


Take a look at cloudconnect.com; the service will automatically sync your salesforce data with mysql (in both directions).  That way you don't have to choose one or the other - just augment force.com with mysql / php where you see fit.


Hi Nathan, 


If it is a foundation you will get free licenses from salesforce. 

Salesforce is relatively good to customize and use, lot of tools and automated code is available for Foundation Orgs. 

I would suggest take a look at the links below, 










Thanks everyone, we're doing both Salesforce and MySQL in the end. I just can't justify not using Salesforce.