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Inserting link of a look up field in an email template.



I have an email  template that merges all the fields in opportunity. In the opportunity page we have look up for Case.

I would like to merge the link for this look up field case in the email template.


Any idea on this?


Thank you!!!




As of now cross object merge field in email template doesn't work. It seems that you can use cross object merge fields in an email template, because they are exposed as merge field values, it does not work. Please allow the ability to use cross objects merge fields in email templates.


Right now the only workaround is to use hidden formula fields on the parent object to copy the child object fields there and then build the template using those hidden formula fields. The disadvantage to this is that you are using up your custom field quota just to create an email template.


I would suggest you to promote the idea on idea exchange at below link:



You now have a new option to make this work! You can read more about how to merge cross object fields into Salesforce email templates here (http://www.contactmonkey.com/blog/cross-object-fields-in-salesforce-email-templates-fixed). You can even merge the templates into Outlook.

Hope this helps!