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datatable to be rendered and another instance to be added on a click of a custom link

Hi All,


In my visual force page registration page, , i have to save the fields displayed in 3 objects namely

1. User

2. medical license

3. Location


In my visual force page, I need to show multiple location values in the format ( basically columns appearing like rows).

There should be a custom link on the top with a (+) symbol and on clicking on it, another instance of the location containing office name, address city should be shown and when clicked on (-) symbol, it should remove the latest one added. Please help me with the code. I am really in urgent need of this code sample. Please Help. Thanks Mumd


Office location object which needs to be displayed on visual force page and saved in the object ( office location )


office name :


address :


City :


All of them are input fields on the visual force page.



Please help me with the code







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