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Looking for help with Quickbooks and DBSync

Our company is looking for help with various process integration issues with DBSync and Quickbooks Accountant Edition 2007.  These are the issues:

1) Sales coming from website now come as web-to-lead, but need to come in as a "closed won" opportunity.
2) We need a way to automate recurring monthly sales.
3) When Quickbooks integration from DBSync comes in to show invoice paid we need to have it change the stage to "closed won."

We do all these things manually now.  Is there a simple way to do these things, or is a developer needed? 
Does anyone out there have experience doing these things?  If so, and you're interested in a project let us know - we'd love to talk to you!

Reply in the thread or contact Evan at Rugly (dot) com
Most of these problems can be resolved but writting some Salesforce code.
Issues with the Quickbooks can be resolved by writtern code to talk to the Quickbooks database with the use of a QODBC odbc connection. The licence cost of the QODBC is about $150.00. One could write code to extract data from Quickbooks to update Salesforce and visa versa.
One can not rewrite the DBSync because it's a 3rd Party product.
All 3 things can be accomplished without modifying DBSynch.  Items 1 and 2 need programming.  Enterprise Edition required.

Item 2 is configuration only.

If you have a consulting budget, please contact rhowington@redxlerant.com or 18---716-0220 x1


Okay...so do we really think the QODBC product can help do the job?  I have a similar requirement - read/write to QB from SF.  I don't need full access to QB -- just basic account info. Can anyone point to a good, general SF ODBC example to get a sense for how much work this is going to be? 

Thanks much!
For exactly $5,000 you can get Relational Junction Special Edition for QuickBooks including all the professional services you need to implement this. Sesame Software is the vendor, and we do all the work to implement your business processes at this price. There are products that are cheaper, but none of them come with 100% bundled services and support, and you'll end up paying more for services than you ever would otherwise. I gauantee you can't do this for what amounts to 5 days of consulting budget. We have also been in business for 20 years, unlike all the other QuickBooks connector vendors, and won't leave you without support.
Bruce MagownBruce Magown

For $3100, you can get the Salesforce_Quickbooks Solution, pre-written, in configurable form. You don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst or developer. We supply the Smart Solution, the servers, the support personnel and most important; we supply the application knowledge at a process, data and technical level through years of working with them - in configurable form


  • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure - with a mouse and the web
  • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with picklists, drop downs or custom fields
  • Start-ups, SMB or Enterprise - select exactly the right configuration for you - modify at any time
  • Extensive portfolio of Smart Solutions waiting for you to configure
  • Complete outsource packages available - no software, no hardware, no developers, no overhead - just sign and go

We do this every day. Go to www.interweave.biz or AppExchange at http://sites.force.com/appexchange/listingDetail?listingId=a0N300000016bNkEAI


Bruce MagownBruce Magown

Here is our new Salesforce_Quickbooks Smart Solution Overview video - http://www.screencast.com/users/bmagown/folders/Jing/media/8da8986b-a110-45fb-a82f-2214a1d6eb58


If you can't access through this link, go to www.interweave.biz, select company/overview/resources - Smart Demos are in the middle of the page, select


SF_QB Smart Solution Overview


Hopefully this will allow you to see Smart Integration - done easily. 






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