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Need limited help with SalesForce

I am looking for someone to help me make some programming changes to SalesForce.
What I need is not very complex and is pretty limited in scope.
To get started it is probably only a few hours and I would like to see it get done in the next week. That may increase some in the next month of two.
If someone is interested in picking up that kind of work and then has some availability moving forward on an as needed basis please contact me at radtkejim@gmail.com.
Thank you,
Jim Radtke


I would like to help you with your saleforce  changes.Please send your requirements. 

Hello Jim,
I am the Office Manager for CRM Advantage, LLC. We certainly can help you with this project and any future requirements. Please send me your requirements, or I can set up a conference call with one of our consultants to discuss how to help.
Thank you,
Hi Jim -

If you still need assistance, I'd like to hear a little more about your salesforce needs. Feel free to send me some more info via email. We can also set up a time to talk on the phone if that would be better.

All the best,

Jeremy King
(646) 361-2946

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I would be glad to have a conversation about your support needs.  Please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your immediate needs. 

Tani Long

TP&F Consultants, Inc.

Office - 817.488.8967

Mobile - 214.384.7542



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Vishal SaxenaVishal Saxena

Hi Jim,

This is Vishal Saxena from Navatar Group, we are implementation partners with Salesforce.com and have plenty of experience in implementation and customization of Salesforce.com CRM solutions.

kindly let me know what might be a good time to speak to you about it. You can reach me at the below mentioned contact coordinates.

Thank you,

Vishal Saxena


Vishal Saxena | Consultant-Sales |Tel: +1.646. 688. 4750 |Cell phone: +91. 99539. 99269

Email: vsaxena@navatargroup.com | Fax: +1.212. 461. 2141


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