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Krishna Prasad K PKrishna Prasad K P 

How to attach files to opportunities using Perl

Hi all,
I would like to automate the attachment of files(to opportunites) in SF.
since I have almost  300 files to be attached to different opportunities on a monthly basis.
  • The files(in zip format) are residing my client system(PC).
  • I need to attach these files to required opportunities.
Kindly share your ideas, suggestions and code snippets on this.
Thanks in advance,

Hi KrishnaPrasad

 I am newbie to salesforce, We are trying to connect to salesforce from PERL , we did the coding but we are getting the following error when executing the code

"500 Server closed connection without sending any data back at //pkgs/linux/intel/perl/5.8.8.rhas3.x86/lib/site_perl/5.8.8/WWW/Salesforce.pm line 469"

There is no issue with the user id and password we used , we are able to login to the portal and we are able to ping the site from the unix box.If you have already connected to the portal could you tell me the steps you followed to connect .