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C# locking statements?

I have seen the locking statements for apex but it doesnt seem to work that way in C#. I get a malformed query error when trying to lock the record. 


 sandbox.QueryResult result3 = LiveBinding.query("select id, name  from Account where id = " + "'" + pen.Account__c + "'" + " limit 1 for update");

You can only do locking via SOQL in apex code, not via the web services interface.
ok,  I understand you cant do locking to a soql statement but can you do it at a higher level like the login or binding? I have this webservice that may have multiple customers hitting at the same time and I want to prevent the same record being givin to the same person. So since I cant lock the soql statement, is there a built in way of preventing the same record givin out to the same person?