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Login issue while trying the walkthrough: Creating an Outbound Messaging Notification Service CSharp

I've got everything configured and created for this Tutorial.


However, when I run it, including the included test app -- (and based on the docs it appears I should be able to run this from my local computer) -- 
the Outbound Messaging Sample Tester prompts me for my SalesForce credentials.  I type them in -- using my Developer License login (and security token), which is where I created the Outbound Message wsd, but it won't accept my credentials.


Do I need to turn something on in my developer org to accept these calls?


I'm having the same problem, over 3 years later, and I was wondering if anyone knew what I'm doing wrong.


I tried logging in using my regualr password, and the password+token, and it just says "Login error: INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, secuirty token; or user locked out."


I know the account is fine because I'm copying/pasting the username/password+token from a working webservice I made.