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AJAX Toolkit - S-Controls redifined

If you ever had any question regarding how to build S-Controls check out this blog post


Ron HessRon Hess

Very cool, will try this out right away, one quick question after reviewing the doc and hello world file.

Do we depend on the core JS code which lives on:


or do we copy this into our scontrols ?

personaly i think this is huge!, and will re-write all my scontrols to use it ( one at a time...)


I know regular scontrols will work on a Professional Edition license.

Does the account need api access for the AJAX toolkit to work ? 



This toolkit requires API access.

Regarding referencing these libraries or hosting them, it's your choice, but we get out of beta, we'll host each version for a period of time (yet to be defined).

If there's any major bugs, the benefit is we'll patch the shared libraries. Any major changes, and we'll create a new version/directory so we don't break people.