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Salesforce.com Office Toolkit Plugin - How to Modify or Unlock

I am developing an addin that uses the Office Toolkit v3.0 and have installed the toolkit and the salesforce plugin that has the basic functionality of logging in, logging out, inserting merge fields, along with help, support, and about.  What I want to do is get access to the code for this plugin so i can modify it to add extra menu items for the functionality i want to add.
But when I try to browse the source or look at it from within vba, it says the project is locked and unviewable.  Is there any way to unlock this so i can see the code or do i have to write my own custom plugin that duplicates the functionality of that which is in the salesforce plugin (i.e. login, logout, etc)?
Google is your friend. :D
google didn't tell we what the password was to unlock the source for the SFDCExcelAddin (SFDC.xla).  I searched everywhere, but couldn't find anything.  Can you point me to the place you are referring to or give me a hint so I can take a look at the source code for that addin?  thanks
The only locked version is the professional edition version.

Grab an unlocked version from here: http://sforce.sourceforge.net/

The only locked version is the professional edition version.

Grab an unlocked version from here: http://sforce.sourceforge.net/

Could this be a reference to the Excel Connector rather than the Office Edition plug-in?

Unless I'm missing something, SFDC.xla has always been password protected. You can view the externals with the object browser, but not the internal code.

That is correct; the salesforce office edition is locked.
The google search hint was about paying someone money to break the security on a vba plugin, something that would violate the end user agreement with salesforce.com.

Thanks for clarifying the excel addin was password protected.  In my initial post, I was actually referring to the actual office toolkit plugin (sforce.dot) that gets installed when you install the salesforce office edition (not the toolkit used to develop custom addins, but the actual addin that allowed you to connect to salesforce from within word or excel).

Initiallly I thought I could/would just "extend" that addin to add a new menu item specific to my application (so i wouldn't have to recreate login dialog boxes and other things already in the menu).  But now I understand that since I can't modify the source for either of those addins (sforce.dot or sfdc.xla), I need to create a new addin from scratch with it's own menus etc. which I have now done after looking at the source code for the excel connector sample.  I can still call the methods from either of those addins without having access to the source, so that is ok.  I just wanted to look under the covers a little more.  This is an excellent sample, and really shows off the power of accessing the salesforce api through the office toolkit, as well as some nice excel manipulations, etc.  Thanks very much for your help.


Hi Gisckal,

                      I have a requirement where we need to extract reports using the Salesforce Office Toolkit, but the need to be automated (No Prompt Boxes to log in and choose reports), Also this needs to be done periodically..

As you said, you already have find a way out, can you please guide me with this requirement..

Many Thanks In Advance,