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Integrate Self Service with DotNetNuke installation

We've integrated our DNN (DotNetNuke) portal with Salesforce quite successfully using DBAmp. I import all my DNN users into SF, and update key fields and custom objects in SF with this info through stored procedures.
I'd love to use the Self Service within my DNN portal also, since we've started logging some of our web queries as SF cases, but am unsure how the password sharing would work. I want my users to have one login and password (their existing DNN username and password), and the Self Service portal lets them log in with their email address and a new password it creates.
Any suggestions for how I can set up Self Service to use my portal's login credentials, or integrate it with an existing security context?
Mike LeachMike Leach
There are a few approaches to integrating a Portal's membership management system with Salesforce.

1) Wrap your home site web pages in an IFRAME that references Salesforce hosted Self-Service pages.

2) Create custom fields on Lead/Contact records, such as "Portal Account Name", that map to the portal membership module. Query in real-time or synchronize in batch.

3) Use the SelfServiceUser object directly from the portal using the Salesforce API.

4) Our approach was to use something similar to the ASP.NET 2.0 Profile Provider and synchronize it with Salesforce.

Check it out at http://www.cubiccompass.com/salesforce-portal.aspx

Mike Leach,

WoW I am so impressed of what you have done in your company. We were just about to implement something similar to what you guys have already done. Again great work ! I am loving it