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Very basic ASP.net samples question

I downloaded the ASP samples from here:
and ran the installer.  When I open the solution file with visual stdio.net, I get:
"The project file or web cannot be found"
under the ASPSample2 project.


Gareth DaviesGareth Davies


This is what I did.

Downloaded the kit from the link you provided (ASP SAMPLES kit)

Ran the installer. Took the default and installed in default_web_site

Then I opened Visual Studio 2005


Chose Local IIS

then Local Web Servers -> Default Web SIte -> Apex_API_Sample

Then it was fine.

If this doesn't work for you I suspect that you might want to look at your local IIS settings.

Hope that helps,

Good luck



Definitley an IIS issue.  VS needs to find the web struct, if the installer was supposed to do this for you...it didn't succeed.  Investigate IIS and make sure the folder is there and it is configured as a root app.
I think I did the same thing you did, except I tried to open the sln files instead of Open Website.  In the meantime I had already created a new project and brought the source and wsdl files in and got it working. So thanks - this will help for next time.