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Disable the Session Time out for Partner Portal Users


I have a requirement to disable the Session Time out for Partner Portal Users. ie. Partner Portal User should never be logged out even if the session is inactive. Is it possible? If Yes, Please let me know how to implement it.


Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

The highest value you can set is 12 hours, but I see a bigger issue here. WIth this requirement you are exposing your data to a security risk.


For example, say the Partner is logged in on their laptop and they lose the laptop or it is stolen. If someone is able to get into the Desktop they can see all your data as they would never be logged out. Thats a pretty big security risk!


Salesforce puts that limit of 12 hours on for a reason. I would suggest you go back to the business to find a better solution than an inactive session timeout setting of infinity. You could look at SSO, OAuth, and other protocols to see if you can leverage them to achieve something similar.


You can do a jacascript tweak on partner portal using the  available golobal js variables lastPageActivityTime and secondsPopupValue ..you can reload the current page after sensing the secondsPopupValue to reset the timeout counters.