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Prepopulate Live Agent Chat Related Entities

In our deployment we are using an authenticated site for users to login to for support. This is all setup and running on the force.com platform using SSO and a force.com site. When a user logs in they gain the ability to chat with support. As a logged in user we are already aware of the users account and contact because they are automatically generated in the production ORG and with SSO they grant the right for us to pull this information from their ORG to create a contact and account in our ORG. When a user inititates a live agent chat there are fields called "Related Entities" that I would like to prepopulate to save the agent time from having to look up the records. I would think this would be feasiable given we already have this information from the authenticated user. Does anyone know how I can I prepopulate these fields?

Jeff MayJeff May

Take a look at the Live Agent Dev Guide in the section of Pre-chat forms.  You can customize the Pre-chat form to provide info to the chat session. www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/live_agent_dev/index.htm

The documentation you pointed to there doesn't really answer the question. There seems to be no (documented) way to populate the "Related Entities" part in the chat window from values in the pre-chat form (for example).

Here's another thread on this topic that doesn't address the question either:



If we solve the problem, we'll post our solution. 

mounika nunnagopulamounika nunnagopula
I'm looking for the same requirement. Please can i know if it's resolved.