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Cuurency Format API in Java Application

In java development, which api is best for getting the organisation currency format details(like currency symbol, thousand separator,decimal separator).  Using this api, i need to display the data in my application  with same format present in the Salesforce .


$ 1.000,00


Any help.....


Sanchit DuaSanchit Dua

using java.text.NumberFormat with a method named: getCurrencyInstance() method is used to obtain a NumberFormat object for applying locale specific currency formatting on a number.


Let me know if you need more help regarding this.


 How to get Salesforce organisation currency using JAVA API. using result value, i can display the numbers in same format.


can you please provide sample for it..


Here my sample code:


NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance(new Locale(userInfo.getUserLocale()));
Currency c = nf.getCurrency();
System.out.println("Symbol:" + c.getCurrencyCode());