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Custom links needed between Hughes Network Systems and our SF install

We're just ramping up with SalesForce and need to find someone who could help us program some custom links between Hughes Networks (www.hughes.com) for order processing of satellite orders.  We initially had a programmer build a link between Hughes and our company (using ACT! and Tomcat/MySQL and some other custom programming) and need to find a way to modify this.  While the original programmer is no longer working for us, he is available on a limited basis for questions and some input, but won't have much time.
If you are interested, please drop me an email with your questions and your programming exoeruebce. If you can give me a ballpark hourly rate, that would be helpful for me to pass on to our management.
Thanks so much-
Doug ACFDoug ACF

Hi Kelly -


ACF Solutions is a salesforce.com partner.  We may be able to help with your integration with Hughes.  Please contact me by email below to arrange a time to discuss.

Hi! Kelly,

We are a premium consulting partner of SalesForce. Infact we have been there almost since their inception. With more than 200 clients and over 500+ projects, we are the leaders in anything to do with the On-Demand world. We have over 30+ Salesforce certified professionalls, next to salesforce themselves.

With offices in Bostaon,Chicago,Singapore and an off shore development centre in India, we are tryely global and extremely competitive. We are a value proposition. Please contact me to eloborate and help you with your needs regarding Salesforce.


Kapil Anand Arora

I tried reaching you at your corporate no. If you could provide your email id ot direct no. we can get going. I don't want to quote any rates on this community.



My apologies...I'm new to this board and assumed there would be an email link that would allow interested parties to mail me information. 

My email contact info is:  kelly.paradis@agristar.com

Thanks for the quick replies, I'll look forward to getting in touch with all of you.