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Seeking independent, BC-based Apex developer to partner with

I am an independent SFDC consultant working in Vancouver BC and am looking for someone that has API/Java/AJAX coding skills.  Some of my clients are interested in S-Controls and integration to their website, which are skills I don't have.  Looking for a casual partnership where I could bring you in to work with my client on specific tasks.  I prefer someone based in lower mainland or Pacific time zone.
           We are a group of Salesforce.com Consultants, We are looking out for Salesforce.com Implementation & Out-Sourced Services Projects.

We excel at
1. Configuring the Salesforce.com Application.
2. Reports & Dashboards.
3. Data Migration.
4. S-Controls
5. Apex Mobile Configuration.
6. Salesforce Office, Outlook & Offline Edition Configuration.

Looking forward for together working with you.

Thank You,

we are a sfdc consulting partner.  We are one of their Tier 1 partners.  We are looking for consutlants to work on our projects as BA's or PM's.  If you have the skills, please send an email to info@corematrix.com.


Thank you.