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Voices.com MySQL Sync with Salesforce.com

MySQL Synchronization with Salesforce.com

Prepared by: David Ciccarelli, CEO
August 14, 2007


Company Overview
Voices.com is an awarding winning web service that provides an online marketplace where businesses connect with professional voice actors to complete multimedia projects such as radio and television commercials, recordings business telephone systems, and even characters for video games.

To automate the exporting of data from the Voices.com administration MySQL database and import the data into Voices.com’s Salesforce.com account.

Current Practice
Currently, Voices.com is manually exporting the data from the MySQL database into an .CSV spreadsheet, relabeling the column titles then importing the .CSV spreadsheet into Salesforce.com using the “Import Accounts & Contacts” import wizard.  During the import process, an Admin from Voices.com maps the fields from the .CSV file to the correct fields within Salesforce.com. This practice of importing data from the MySQL database into Salesforce is repeated manually each week, in order to keep the records in Salesforce accurate and up-to-date.

To have daily imports of all Accounts & Contacts from MySQL into Salesforce, updating existing Salesforce records and adding the new records ( people who registered that same day ) into Salesforce.

Using Salesforce.com’s API provided with the Enterprise Edition, build a one-way data transfer application to automatically pull information from Voices.com’s MySQL database and import the data into Salesforce.com on a daily basis.

To achieve this goal, Voices.com will work closely with a Salesforce.com developer who has:
  • Knowledge of the Salesforce.com API
  • Experience with integrating MySQL database with Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition accounts
  • Adheres to best practices of Information Architecture such as file naming, field naming, field mapping

  • Deliver a prototype application for a test import by September 15, 2007
  • Fully deploy the automated system by September 30, 2007
Next Steps

If you are interested in this project, reply to david@voices.com or via Private Message with your proposed quote, and two references.

Thank you kindly,

David Ciccarelli
Chief Executive Officer
519-858-5071 x 111

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David, have you considered these solutions (open source) from Apatar or Jitterbit ?
David, this is a job for Relational Junction. As per our conversation just now, we will have you up and running in minutes with a very reliable, high performance replication. Thank you for your interest.