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Possible outsourcing opportunity

I'm relatively new to Salesforce and have very little experience with S-Controls, etc.  I'm considering outsourcing the following and would like to see if it's a quick/simple project or if it's more complex.  I have a work around established, but if it's an inexpensive project, I'd consider outsourcing it.  If you believe this to be a simple project, and of interest, please let me know.

Teradyne Inc.

I am trying to connect the Asset object to a Custom Object  (Software Support Agreement - SSA).  It's a many to many relationship (Asset will have multiple SSA's associated with it and an SSA can have multiple Assets associated with it).  I would like to use the related list functionality on both objects, but the standard functionality only allows you to add new records, it does not allow you to associate existing records.  My initial thought is to explore a custom button (on the related list) that allows the user to append existing records vs. creating new.  Both related lists would need to have this functionality.  I am open to alternative solutions as well that deliver a similar end result.

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Not a huge job as you're envisioning it, however have you considered instead creating another custom object called "Asset Support Agreement" ( or ASA) which serves as a linking object between a single SSA and a single Asset.

Easy ASA record would just have a lookup field for a SSA, another for the Asset, and a Name of some type.

This object could be displayed as a related list in both SSA and Asset.  You would either just manually populate these records, or you could build a trivial s-control for the Asset object to create a new ASA and auto-fill in the Asset ID.  A similar one for SSA could create an ASA and pre-fill the SSA Id.

If you want a nicer interface, once you have the ASA object, you could build a single S-control, which could be launched from either Asset or SSA objects, which pre-fills in the ID's, and puts up a multi-select box for the related object and creates multiple ASA's for you.

The downside is it would require an extra click to get from any one Asset to a related SSA or vice versa since you'd have to navigate through the ASA object.  But, if you put the information you'll need into the Name or some other field that you display as part of the related list, then you might be able to live with it.

Best, Steve.

Hi Mark,
no problem at all.
we are Consulting partners of SF, and will be happy to assist you in this task.
please let me know if you would like one of our implementers to conact you.
since we operate from Israel and Eastern europe, i can assure you our hourly rates will also be very attractive.

Thanks Steve,

Actually the ASA custom object is the work around I have in place right now!  The problem is that I would like to have some of the object fields (expiration dates, tracking #'s, etc.) displayed on the related list so it's easier to tell which record is which.  To do this, my understanding is that we'd need to populate the information on the ASA custom object in addition to the SSA custom object or Asset.  Users will likely be connecting the records from both objects, depending on the role of the user, so I'm not sure if an S-Control can populate the information across objects.  Even if they can, at that point why not create a custom button?  If it's significantly easier to auto-fill the ASA object with additional fields via an S-control (as opposed to a button), I'm open to that option!  I thought that the connection would be cleaner the other way though.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.  Any additional thoughts are appreciated.

Best regards,

  - Mark


Hello Mark,

I am sure this is something we can help you with. I typically set up an analysis call with our software architec to get an idea of the solution and cost. Please let me know should you be interested in a call.

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