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Update Report/Dashboard Folder Permissions

My company has been using SFDC since 2005 - there are a lot of report/dashboard folders.  The new sharing does not automatically allow owners of the folders to add users to the auto refresh unless they have been added.  How can I add "all users" as individual users?  I can and have created groups but it would be nice to let the owner of the folders add whoever they want without me creating groups as needed.




When you try to schedule a report for refresh - the user has the option to select the users to whom he wishes to send the email - visa this option the user has the flexibility to select any user.


As shown in this link - https://recruit-developer-edition.my.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/reports_schedule.htm he can select and search on users and add individual users to the list.


Does this not fulfil the requirement? please let me know if I haven't understood the requirement correctly..

With the new sharing if a dashboard owner wants to invite a single user that is outside of one of the shared groups they can't see the individual unless all users are added to the sharing for all folders. We aren't a large company, but still have over 200 users making it very time consuming.

It would be nice to have the ability to add 'all users' so they are searchable via individual users rather than the 'all internal users' group that would share/refresh with everyone.

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