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How Standard Objects Flow works?

Please tell me how to use this standard object practically with example From Home,chatter,compaign......to dashboard so that i can get some idea why they call standard objects and how to use them constructively .... i know at this level that account is for new account ... or Home object to see updations... But i want to understand practically (real example like a company first add new account for a customer than..... add its contact like this practical approach for all  standard objects) ..what is the relationship between them ( like we see these look up fields into next object like contact has account lookup) ... This is very useful for every new commer in this force Family.. Waiting for aboundant replies from all ...


please share your own practical use of these standard objects.


visit this site you will get everything which you want to know https://ap1.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/sf.pdf

Laxman Samala 6Laxman Samala 6
   Here is a good description of standard vs Custom objects.In simple words, standard objects are out of the box objects where as custom objects are the objects created by developers/admins etc., you can easily recoginize standard vs custom objects by looking at their API names. If API name of the object ends with __c then it is custom object and if not then it is standard. 

prateek jainprateek jain
First to get an overview of what is standard and custom objects are 
  • Standard objects are the object prebuild by salesforce these objects are made to replicate the common scenarios in any business for example in any business there are prospect customers, so to keep data of the prospective customer in salesforce lead object is there. 
  • Another general scenario for which salesforce standard object are made as in your business you sell product or services to a customer so to keep the record of this sales in salesforce opportunity object is created. 
  • Going further your company  sell  the variety of products like led lights of various kind and you have to track which product you sold to the customer   to do this in the salesforce "product"   standard object is provided which keeps all the information of the products which your company sells 
  • The list of the standard object is endless if you have any business model do tell we can suggest through which standard object you business requirement can be full filled or you have to create a custom object. 
  • The role of custom object comes when your business process  does not fit in the data model  provided by salesforce  consider a situation where your customer pay you in installments so to implement this kind of functionality you need to  create  custom objects 
  • Talking about report and dashboard they are one point stop to get the nerve of your  business, report  gives you concise representation  data such as how  many customers are add in week or any time frame you want  like in six months or so 
  • Dashboard is graphical representation of you report data
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