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Making Career Change to SFDC - Advice Welcomed

Good morning, everyone!


I just wanted to introduce myself to the boards.  I have been a technical recruiter for a little over a decade and have placed several CRM people in the past several years.  I have worked with SFDC in 2009 as a user and really liked it.  I have placed Salesforce.com consultants at clients site on some really good projects.  I am now in the stage of my life that I would like to make a move to a new career as a Salesforce.com Consultant.  Its safe to say that I am done watching from the sidelines and want to enter the game myself. 


My plan is to become a functional consultant and to get certified.  Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to take the courses so plan on doing this on my own.  I know that this will take some time to learn but plan on setting aside 3 - 4 hrs a day.  I have bought, "Salesforce.com For Dummies" book and downloaded Force.com Fundamentals "An Introduction to Custom Application Development in the Cloud".  I hope this will help me get started to a great career.


Please feel free to add any resources or direction.










I forgot to mention that I also have signed up for the free developer edition license and will be using it to learn.


download the cookbook and start hands of practise with each chapater .




Look for the recerting apps excerise that should help you and that should all. I see if you have covered the book you are good to start.


Also learn about SDLC and about BA/ QA and developer job so you know all about it.


Good Luck.




There's an excellent resource for Salesforce certification at:




I really do appreciate your input.

It is always wise to explore what type of career change you want to change to. Why? All careers have pros and cons and I know personally at age 54, I wasted too many years job hopping. Now it has come back to bite me as I have a very long resume. Job hopping causes employers to ask - will this person stick around after my company has trained them?