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If a value is reached the 0, don't allow any negative values


I try to define a formula, which counts every time if a condition is true -1 backwards. I don’t want to have any negative values, if i reached 0, I want to stay by 0 and don’t want to count to -1, -2 ... and so on.

This is my formula

IF( ISNULL(Counter__c) ,0, Counter__c - 1)

The problem is that with this formula I stil have negative values.

Any Ideas?



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thank you very much :) !

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Jake GmerekJake Gmerek

This should do the trick, if Counter__c is negative, 0, or null it should set it to 0, else use Counter__c-1:



IF (OR (counter__c <= 0, ISNULL(Counter__c)), 0, Counter__c -1)


Let me know if it does not work.


thank you very much :) !

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A more compact version that would also work is:


MAX(Counter__c, 0)



many thanks :)